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        Discovering High Quality and Innovative Products

        News MEI Awards: the "CIIF" is coming

        MEI Awards: the "CIIF" is coming

        NANJING, China, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The "MEI Awards Global Boutique Briefing", a global premium products launch event organized by Made-in-China.com, will show the newest products to the public and is set to be unveiled to the public together with China International Industrial Fair on September 15th.
        With the widespread use of the Internet, is easy to see Chinese products and culture spread widely on the social media and video portals. Li Ziqi, a fabulous Chinese culture communicator on the YouTube, is transmitting the graceful countryside lifestyle and delicate Chinese cuisines to the world, uncovering these mystery cooking process through her camera and creative shooting skills.
        MEI Awards is also gradually developing from a simple selecting award to an innovative energized platform in the last 10 years. The diversified ways that MEI Awards presents and promotes high-quality Chinese products offer global buyers a great chance to find the ideal products easily.
        On Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, MEI Awards group designed the wonderful words, pictures, posts, and also presented the advantages of the good products through the various channels to the world. All the products and companies posted online are all audited strictly by MEI Awards. As an authoritative and professional contest in manufacturing field, MEI Awards is very strict with competitors. Until now, MEI Awards has visited more than 300 enterprises of various industries in the past 10 years and organized series of activities such as "Design across the Distance", "Manufacturing Summit", "Learning Camp" and "Global Boutique Briefing" to find more and more great Chinese companies and products.
        China International Industrial Fair (CIIF) is one of the most influential international industry brand exhibitions in China. It is an UFI approved event, is a leading event for manufacturing in China as well as an important window and platform open to the world for international trade, communication and cooperation on industrial scope. MEI Awards is always cooperating with CIIF positively since it come out. This year, MEI Awards also organizes its "Global Boutique Briefing" with CIIF and will bring the newest and smartest Chinese products to the global buyers. Come and follow the MEI Awards on Facebook and Twitter. Join this wonderful journey without going aboard right now.
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