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        Discovering High Quality and Innovative Products

        MEI Awards Winners Company Detail

        Nanning V V Dental Co., Ltd.

        Nanning V V Dental Co., Ltd.
        Nanning V V Dental Co., Ltd.
        We are Nanning VV Dental Co., Ltd., a manufacturer who focuses on producing ultrasonic scalers, Scaler tips, Scaler handpieces, Piezosurgery tips and Orthodontic products over 10 years. There are 9 departments in our company, namely, production department, Research and development Department, Quality inspection Department, Supply Department, Sales Department, after-sales Department, Human resources Department, Administration Department and financial Department. I believe our professional team can provide you with a lot of help, so that you do not have any worries. We have been approved CE, FDA, ISO and GMP. The quality is excellent. Each scaler tip passes 46 processes and at least 8 times testing before selling and the standard of our quality testing is far beyond the standard of CE and ISO 13485. We test the quality of every machine and handle before we leave the factory, and only the qualified products will come to the market. We have a good reputation in the market because o
        Tel    +86-25-57930185
        Email    mei@meiawards.com
        Facebook    MEI Awards