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        Discovering High Quality and Innovative Products

        MEI Awards Winners Product Detail

        Selected Award 16bar Integrated Screw Air Compressor for South China Industry Fair

        16bar Integrated Screw Air Compressor for South China Industry Fair
        16bar Integrated Screw Air Compressor for South China Industry Fair
        DHH Compressor Jiangsu Co., Ltd.
        Industrial Equipment & Components
        The cleanliness of the air is an indicator of cutting efficiency and continuous use. De Haha is committed to pursuing air cleanliness and launched a combined all-in-one machine, which optimizes its five security features: 1. Installation peace of mind All-in-one design, small space occupation, no need to install, U disk type use, ready to use when connected to electricity 2. Operation at ease Multiple protection devices, multi-channel vibration and noise reduction configuration, low noise. 3. Clean and safe (1) The 5-level high-efficiency special precision filter has high filtration accuracy, uniform filter element pore size, pressure dew point as low as 2~5°C, gas oil content as low as 0.01PPM, and particulate matter filtration accuracy up to 0.01um, ensuring pure and dry Nearly water-free and oil-free compressed air protects the lens from contamination and no longer worry about lens blur and high temperature of the lens barrel. (2) Low operating cost, easy to clean, replaceable filter element and convenient maintenance. 4. Use peace of mind (1) Original imported mainframe, high efficiency, high stability, smoother cutting and smoother cutting surface. (2) Constant temperature control. The water content inside the system is reduced to a minimum, ensuring the long life and high efficiency of the air compressor, the rejection of the system is prone to water precipitation, the rejection of lubricating oil is easy to emulsify, the rejection of parts is easy to rust, and the host is easy to jam. (3) 500L large air storage tank, air storage buffer, stable air supply, the precipitation of compressed air in the air storage tank is more conducive to water removal and sewage discharge. 5. After-sales peace of mind Dehaha compressors are exported to 56 countries and regions at home and abroad, 12 provinces and municipal districts across the country, and 170 outlets have been installed. The 24-hour service hotline 400-011-5055 guarantees worry-free after-sales service.
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        Email    mei@meiawards.com
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