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        Discovering High Quality and Innovative Products

        MEI Awards Winners Product Detail

        Gold Award legenD LED

        legenD LED
        legenD LED
        Lights & Lighting
        Adhering to the concept of “making the world more exciting”, we have developed the LEgenD flexible LED display, which can be widely used in shopping malls, stage, exhibitions and other occasions. The revolutionary structure of LEgenD enables it to achieve HD image and also makes it easy to be folded and bended, and the optimized design of splicing lock greatly improves its portability and installation efficiency. Meanwhile, LEgenD uses only 50% of metal processing parts in structure compared with traditional LED tile and also reduces the weight by 40%, which makes it more environmentally friendly during processing or use. In addition, the flexible design allows it to get rid of the rigid structure of the traditional LED display. It can make the folding motion effect while playing the video, and make the show more exciting. The traditional LED display requires two people to move, but for LEgenD, it can be done by one person, saving 50% of manpower. With the same assembly area, the installation efficiency can be increased by 30% because the area of LEgenD flexible display is larger than that of traditional LED display (The area of a single panel is 3.6 times that of a conventional LED display), The newly designed modular splicing lock makes the splicing between the upper and lower modules into two simple actions: “hang up” and “lock” , all in one go, without the need for heavy lifting like a conventional LED display, which the screen body has to be slowly positioned and locked again, and it is time-consuming and laborious LEgenD is a smart product, it gives the visual dynamism of motion from another dimension on the one hand, and on the other hand, it improves the efficiency of people's use and adheres to the belief of "making the world more exciting ".
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