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        Discovering High Quality and Innovative Products

        MEI Awards Winners Product Detail

        MEI Gold Award 10 Inch Electric Powered Smart Wheelchair Omni Wheels

        10 Inch Electric Powered Smart Wheelchair Omni Wheels
        10 Inch Electric Powered Smart Wheelchair Omni Wheels
        Fujian Secure Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
        Tools & Hardware
        Angellun OW omni-directional wheels, Angellun active drive technology concept, quoting Mecanum omnidirectional movement technology, the metal main frame of the omnidirectional wheels ensures the balance and stability of the omnidirectional wheels, and has a better start Capacity and the wheels adopt temperature TPU tread, which has good grip performance and is not easy to slip. Equipped with precision bearings inside, it effectively reduces noise and improves the overall stability of the casters. The appearance is exquisite, the large and small wheels take off, it has the advantages of excellent application, high free direction, and easy to appear. It has the advantages of particularly long use time, suitable for the use of rotating wheel structure, reasonable distribution, 360° rotation, excellent, and can be used in restricted and narrow Perfect range within the small joints, and easy to lift a variety of complex road conditions. A wide range of high-tech equipment, intelligent robots, intelligent equipment, medical beds and other products.
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        Email    mei@meiawards.com
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