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        Discovering High Quality and Innovative Products

        MEI Awards Winners Product Detail

        Gold Award robot pouring Foam automatic production line

        robot pouring Foam automatic production line
        robot pouring Foam automatic production line
        Wuxi Jingjie Robot Technology Co., Ltd
        Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
        An electric car seat cushion automatic production line, reduced the manual operation, reduces the worker labor intensity, improve the degree of automation and production efficiency, effectively avoid human operation mistakes easily, cause the product quality is no guarantee that the emergence of problems, such as its including lined silos, mixing warehouse, warehouse, conveyor belt, three-dimensional warehouse, warehouse set up processing with rotary table, wheel set die set, mould frame equipped with injection mold, injection mold set up mould foaming heating equipment, setting of on one side of the conveyor belt has a sorting robots, after sorting robots sorting the product by the AGV car sent to the warehouse,One side of the rotary table in the processing warehouse is successively equipped with pouring robot, spraying demoulding agent robot and taking mold robot.
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