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        MEI Awards Winners Product Detail

        Selected Award Megawatt intelligent nuclear power reheat valve

        Megawatt intelligent nuclear power reheat valve
        Megawatt intelligent nuclear power reheat valve
        Jiangnan Valve Co., Ltd
        Industrial Equipment & Components
        Megawatt intelligent nuclear power reheat valve is a non nuclear valve installed on the pipeline between steam water separation reheater (MSR) and steam turbine low-pressure cylinder. It is a valve group composed of two butterfly valves in series. The reheat main valve is a fully open and fully closed valve, which can be quickly closed in case of turbine trip to prevent turbine overspeed; The reheat regulating valve has the regulating function to participate in the load regulation of the steam turbine. At the same time, it also has the ability to close quickly during the load rejection of the steam turbine to stabilize the speed of the steam turbine. Nuclear power reheat valve group is an important component of nuclear power steam turbine, and its working reliability is directly related to the safety of steam turbine. The product has the national technical invention patent, breaking the foreign monopoly and filling the domestic gap. The million kilowatt class intelligent nuclear reheat valve has the following advanced technology and breakthroughs. 1. The fast closing technology based on large diameter valve can be ≤ 0.45 at the fastest. 2. Step control technology based on fast closing. 3. Number of static pressure life test ≥ 3000 times. 4. The cleanliness of oil products is higher than nsa1638-7. 5. The welding technology of large-diameter valve coil greatly improves the service safety of the valve shell.
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