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        Discovering High Quality and Innovative Products

        MEI Awards Winners Product Detail

        Gold Award iFlytek Acoustic Camera

        iFlytek  Acoustic Camera
        iFlytek Acoustic Camera
        Industrial Equipment & Components
        This product is the first hand-held integrated sound source positioning equipment independently developed in China. The visual and audio-visual inspection of the equipment will break through the limitation of the visual and audio-visual fault detection technology. The product supports multi-point sound source identification and improves detection speed and efficiency. Compared with traditional single point detection methods, such as human detection and ultrasonic detection, it can detect more than 400 points at the same time. The non-contact detection method will not produce any negative interference and influence on the industrial equipment, and ensure the operation safety of maintenance personnel to the greatest extent. Considering the shortage of industrial equipment professional testing personnel, complex detection environment, low efficiency and high difficulty, the design concept of this product is simple and efficient. 1. Create a virtual and realistic immersive experience, reduce the detection threshold, so that non professionals can work quickly; 2. Integrated design of hardware appearance, no need to carry additional power supply, bracket and other accessories, convenient for mobile detection; 3. Provide a variety of fixed methods, such as hand-held, frame photography and orientation placement, to meet all kinds of use scenarios; 4. Solid ABS engineering plastics and Phenolic plastic, which is processed by CNC and covered with PU coating on the outer layer, ensures wear resistance and improves grip feeling. It also has many anti-collision and anti fall details. It has excellent overall comfort, improves the experience of industrial testing and is positively evaluated by many front-line inspectors.
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