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        Discovering High Quality and Innovative Products

        MEI Awards Winners Product Detail

        Selected Award Remote spray dust reduction air purification equipment

        Remote spray dust reduction air purification equipment
        Remote spray dust reduction air purification equipment
        Kunming AOTU Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.
        Industrial Equipment & Components
        Aotu remote fog shooting dust reduction air purification equipment (hereinafter referred to as Aotu dust reduction equipment) is applicable to urban demolition sites, metallurgical iron and steel enterprises, mining areas, coal chemical enterprises, cement plants, thermal power plants, construction sites, open-air stacking plants of materials and mineral products, concrete treatment plants, waste stacking sites, waste incineration plants, sand plants, dry material warehouses, open-air blasting Water mist dust removal, dust suppression and cooling in areas with heavy dust, large dump truck unloading area, port wharf, storage and transportation area, urban air pollution dust exceeding the standard, landscaping and cleaning area, etc; It can also be used for disinfection and sterilization in public places, landfills and other places; Large area spraying of pesticides on crops and forests can also be used for fire fighting and forest fire prevention. Fire fighting and forest fire prevention; In the concrete pouring project, improve the concrete pouring warehouse surface environment in high temperature season and high temperature period, reduce the concrete warehousing and pouring temperature, and ensure the project quality. The core equipment of the AOTU dustfall device is a jet axial flow fan. The auxiliary equipment is spray system, hydraulic system for adjusting the injection angle, horizontal rotation system and electric control system. When the water mist sprayed by the high speed air carried by the fan is sprayed into the air, the water mist particles are fine and contact with the dust in the air quickly, and form a wet mist body, which increases the weight of the dust and speeds up the dust deposition, thus restraining the dust dispersion.
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