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        MEI Awards Winners Product Detail

        Selected Award fog cannon

        fog cannon
        fog cannon
        Zibo Decent Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Industrial Equipment & Components
        Fog cannon are also called the mist cannon, the main structure is: wind tube, motor, water pump, hydraulic system, swivel support, etc. According to the air delivery principle, the water is used to atomize water using the high pressure pump and the fine atomization nozzle, and then the airmut is sent to the farther distance after the wind turbine, so that the water mist reaches the fog to be overlap. A larger area, the water mist is landed and landed, thereby achieving dust removal. When evaporation of the pile of dust, it can form a moisture, which can form a moisture when the dust is in contact with the dust-free dust, and can form a moisture, which can quickly suppress dust, and have a complete inhibitory ability of dust below 200 μm. And the water content of the material is only 0.3%. Compared to other dust-free spraying equipment, the water consumption of the spray gun can save 70% -80% (spray gun, sprinkler), and the water mist coverage is much greater than other dust-drafting equipment. Its conversion efficiency is high, the range is far, the coverage area is large, and the dust is effective. Commonly used in many open-day stackers, work scenes, operation dust and local dust are dust governance. At the same time, the fog gun machine sprayed in a small and uniform, so it was used to moisturize and cure and disinfect in public places such as airports, highways, and stations. Several important selection parameters of spray guns: 1. Use place: indoor use, outdoor use, dust removal, dust-shable use, disinfectation, irrigation, cooling 2. Spray distance: 15-200 m 3. Local industrial voltages: 220V, 230V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 460V can be customized. Optional: 1. Water tank: water tank capacity and material 2. Trailer: Trailer style 3.PLC remote control 3. Generator, etc.
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