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        Discovering High Quality and Innovative Products

        2020 MEI Awards Winners

        • All in One Ebike Conversion Kit with Built-in Battery
        • CIC-D150 Ion Chromatograph
        • iFlytek Acoustic Camera
        • Architecture Level Thermal Break Aluminum Window
        • EG15C2 Carbon Fiber Camera Fluid Tripod
        • LegenD LED
        • Steel Tower
        • Sunflare Outdoor Solar Bench
        • Intelligent Siboasi Basketball Shooting Equipment
        • Polypropylene & Polyester Mixed Rope for Mooring and Fishing
        • Household Gas Emergency Shutoff Solenoid Valve
        • Robot Pouring Foam Automatic Production Line

        Jury Members

        Tel    +86-25-57930185
        Email    mei@meiawards.com
        Facebook    MEI Awards
        Supporting Institutions